QnA maker Postman collection

SelectedTech Webinar 4


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QnA maker Postman collection

The SelectedTech Webinar 004 is about how to use Postman to talk to the QnA maker API. Postman streamlines the development process and captures a single source of truth about your APIs while also simplifying collaboration across your teams and organisations.

QnA Maker is a cloud-based API service that creates a conversational, question and answer layer over your data. QnA Maker enables you to create a knowledge-base(KB) from your semi-structured content such as Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) URLs, product manuals, support documents and custom questions and answers. The QnA Maker service answers your users’ natural language questions by matching it with the best possible answer from the QnAs in your Knowledge base.

QnA Maker offers a REST API that allows you to automate operations with your Knowledge base. To use this API in Postman, Stephan created a collection you can import in your tooling. Check out his blog post to get all the details and links.

If you already work with Postman here two additional resources from the Microsoft Graph Developer Blog. First, Day 13 from the 30 DaysMSGraph series, “Postman to make Microsoft Graph calls”. This blog post explains how to configure your environment to connect to Microsoft Graph with one click. And as a second, “Announcing Microsoft Graph Postman Collections” again from the Graph Developer Blog written by Jeremy Thake.

Or just listen to the episode here:

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